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Dubai, UAE

Yugen is an important Japanese concept of aesthetics that promotes the subtle and the profound.

A look that is minimal and devoid of any style is made to match the modern re-interpretation of the dishes. In line with the rotational features of the place are artworks that convey a specific story per given time period. As a brand that originates in the UAE, and as the initial artwork concept, the story of the Emirati culture will be given the limelight. Surrealism was the chosen style to compliment the subtle architecture and interiors.

These cultural references convey a deep meaning that seeks to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind by irrational juxtaposition of images. Overall, the quality projects a strong experimental sense of space, layered from one another.
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Contact —​
A-407, Building 04, Dubai Design District​,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 52 651 6321
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