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Founded in Dubai 2012 with a vision to enhance people's living through innovative original designs. The studio grew itself to become an independent experience design agency that hubs the brightest minds in the design industry focused to deliver memorable & meaningful experiences.

With our world facing uprecedented challenges across all sectors from sustainability, technology 
disruption & the speed of change, we believe that good design helps humans to reconnect with their physical reality & unlock their potential.

To our friends, family and the communities we live in, we dedicate the next experience to you.

Our mission is to continue building brands with sustainable positive impact. Attract the best creative talents & design meaningful interactions for future communities of humans.

We know how people love to enjoy their food, and how to apply unique design solutions to restaurants and cafes to make them benchmark of lifestyle food concepts. From branding to interior design by our talented local and international designers who work together following “experience design” latest trends and technologies, we create memorable emotional connections between the brand and its customers.

Our team is made up of diverse individuals from a range of industries that are united by their desire to innovate experiences and create positive impact!

Mansour Bakheet
CEO & Creativer Director

Mansour officially took on the role of leading his own company after he graduated from the American University of Sharjah in 2012. With a lifelong commitment to entrepreneurship, he is dedicated to design for better possibilities through his vision to enhance people's living. He is responsible for creating and founding companies that use design to create big positive impact. Companies like Huna, Qahwaty, OneThird, and KeyConcept.

Ernesto Alarilla Jr.

Design Manager

Jessica Salameh

Senior Designer

Ma. Jean Paulyn Plata

Interior Designer

Arjae Romana

Senior 3D Visualizer

Mohammad Sabbir Alam

3D Visualizer

May Ann Samar

Technical Designer

Nasser Yunis

Project Supervisor

Patricia Mae Bandria

Executive Coordinator

Nouman Saeed

Bus. Development Manager

Muhammad Bilal

Finance & HR Manager

Hamdan Ramzy Elseaidy

Public Relations Officer

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A-407, Building 04, Dubai Design District​,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 52 651 6321
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