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M. Sentiment Perfumery

Dubai, UAE


Inspired by the relationship between scent and the subconscious mind, the concept revolves around the link between memory, emotion and experience. To have a fulfilling journey, one has to understand the subconscious power of smell in experiencing a space. In a world where most of us highly rely on sight, the idea is to eliminate the display of perfume and rather focus on the contents of the bottle.

By this method, one can solely focus on each note of the fragrance, allowing them to have an experiential journey through M. Sentiment. By focusing on customer behavior and eliminating boundaries, the center counter acts as a center piece, the heart of M. Sentiment Perfumery.

By careful choice of material, the aim is to invoke the senses. Visually by material, one could transform visuals into taste, smell and touch. This allows the customer to interact in the space, making the space a memorable experience, forever embedded in their memory.

“The most persistent memory is often its smell.”-Pallasmaa

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